A cosplayers guide to the...


Welcome Cosplayers!

At Edge of the World Expo we aim to create a space for cosplayers of all ages and expertise. This means creating a space that is safe, enjoyable, and friendly.

Please have a read through our guide to help with the following;

★ General cosplay guidelines
★ Cosplay parade
★ Cosplay competition

Always remember – Cosplay is not Consent!


Edge of the World Expo would like to emphasise the family nature of the event and encourages those who cosplay to dress appropriately.

Due to the tragic events of March 2019 we would encourage attendees to not wear military costumes nor bring realistic prop guns.

Weapons Policy

Disclaimer: All weapons need to be inspected before entering the venue to ensure they meet our Health and Safety Guidelines.

★ No weapons/props that are metal
★ No bladed or blunt weapons
★ No weapons that can launch projectiles (Nerf guns are acceptable on the condition they are permanently disabled)
★ Prop bows must be unstrung or on a very low tension, with arrows secured to the costume quiver
★ No slingshots
★ Chain-mail is acceptable as long as other large items are made from a con-friendly material
★ Weapons must be under two meters and under five kilograms

Mundane/Misc Items

– Walking sticks, as generally used as a mobility aid, are allowed into the event

Health and Safety

It is within the best interest of those who attend to follow cosplay guidelines to allow for an event that upholds the Health and Safety of fellow attendees.

Always remember to ask cosplayers for permission to take their photos
Cosplay is not Consent

If in doubt over a costume or costume piece please contact;

Cosplay Parade

We strive to give you as much opportunity to show off your cosplay as possible. Our cosplay parade gives you the chance to show off what you have, no matter the fandom, character, or age.

To sign up for the parade, simply sign up at the front desk before midday Saturday 14th.


Jude Thomson

Jude has worked with top designers over the past 25 years. These include Tanya Carlson, Nom D, Company of Strangers, and Charmaine Revelry.

Over the last 6 years she has built her own company – Moonlight Designs. She has also spent a number of years doing embroidery, alterations, and made to measure clothing.

Along with this she also enjoys Steampunk costumes and cosplays.

This is Jude’s second year judging at Edge of the World Expo.

Jason Connolly

Jason is an avid fan of all sci-fi/fantasy/comics throughout his life. Over the past 6/7 years Jason got into making props and costumes. He’s been a regular attendee at conventions all over New Zealand and competed in various cosplay competitions. 

He can currently be found watching “The Dark Crystal” series on Netflix and developing a slightly unhealthy obsession with Adam Savage.

This is Jason’s first year judging at Edge of the World Expo.



This is for all the kids under 12. They can make or buy their costume, this one is judged purely off aesthetic.


This is for those who have a purchased costume—one that hasn’t been crafted by yourself. This is open to all forms of characters, including original characters. This is one is also judged by aesthetics.


This is for those who love crafting their costume but have bought around 50% of it. This is open to all forms of characters, including original characters. This is one is also judged by aesthetics.


This is for the hardcore crafters! The ones who have made over 75% of their costume. This is open to all forms of characters, including original characters. This requires email submission before February 29th. Submission comes in the form of a Construction Journal showing your crafting progress. This makes this level judged off of construction.

Expert Information

Construction Journal:
The construction dairy should consist of the following;
★ Reference Photos
★ Material List
★ Work in progress photo
★ Explanation of progress
★ Specifics of the process or decisions that you’ve made
★ Answers to the following questions;
– What did you find challenging in this build
– What are you proud of?
– What would you do differently?


To allow for judges to see your cosplay up close and personal, there is a prejudging section for all Expert entrants. This allows our judges to ask you questions about your costume and help them with their judging process.

Skit Policy

This is not mandatory but is encouraged. Each skit time frame allows for entrants to go over or under by 10%.
★ Solo Participants are allowed 3 Minutes.
★ Group Participants are allowed 4 Minutes.
★ We advise against profanity, political or religious statements.
★ Stunts that can cause harm to the Audience/Yourself, eg. Acrobatics are discouraged.

How to Enter

Please email info@edgeoftheworldexpo.co.nz before the 29th February, along with a completed Construction Journal.

Within this email please include:
★ Name
★ Stage Name
★ Character you are portraying and series they are from
★ The category you would like to be entered into
★Any previous awards won
★Textile Experience
★Construction Journal

Please place “Cosplay Competition” into the email subject line. You will receive an email confirming your entry, along with a timetable for prejudging.